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Report, present and share patients cosmetic time-line from first injection through their ongoing treatment plan in a  secured and ergonomic app.




Workflow companion

Now with cloud based backup

and multidevice sync

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Dr Gertrude Huss

Hill Street Clinic Owner

Jersey, Channel Island

Dr Henry Delmar

Clinic Science Beauté

Cap d'Antibes, France

Dr Younes Riah

Plastic Surgeon

Bastia, France

Dr Victor Medard de Chardon

Plastic Surgeon

Cannes, France

For a one off payment with no ongoing costs the photographic and treatment record is instantly available for comparison purposes.

iRejuvenation is really a must-have for all cosmetic injections practitioners. The big screen AirPlay mode delights all my patients.

iRejuvenation handles the entire workflow of cosmetic injections. It optimizes the refinement of injection by the fineness of its report.

I can create and export accurate reports with high definition pictures within a few minutes. Great time-saving!

Already in line with those regulations

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